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Ted, White, And Blue: The Nugent Manifesto
By Ted Nugent

Cocked, locked, and ready to rock, the Motor City Madman, the thinking manís Abraham Lincoln, has unleashed the ultimate high-octane political manifesto for the ages in Ted, White, and Blue the most important patriotic statement since the Constitution.

In Ted, White, and Blue you'll discover:
Why war is the answer to so many of our current problems

Why if Ted were a Mexican, he'd start a revolution (and how, since heís not, we can control our own borders)

How to put Uncle Sam on a diet (a waste-watchers program for government)

The Ted Plan for energy independence by 2018 & how to keep America rockiní into the future

How to change the world for the better through the power of God, guns, and rock Ďní roll
If you care about America, if you want to preserve, protect, and defend the land of the free and the home of the brave, if you're fed up with lazy, whining, fear-mongering, government-gorging Al Gores, Michael Moores, and Obamaniacs, then you need to read Ted, White, and Blue: The Nugent Manifesto.

With over 35 million albums sold and more media face-time than most active politicians, Ted Nugent has earned his status as an American icon.

Renowned for modeling the high-octane civic activism he unabashedly encourages, he is a respected guest of top-rated, high-profile network, cable, news, sports, political commentary, and rock programs on television and radio. Ted Nugent Spirit of the Wild television show continues to be Outdoor Channelís #1 Hunting Show year after year and Ted and Shemane are Fan Favorite Hosts.

A recipient of numerous commendations from law enforcement agencies nationwide, Ted has been lauded for his Ted Nugent Kamp for Kids and Freedom's Angels, work as a national spokesman for D.A.R.E., and as Ambassador for Big Brothers Big Sisters and the Pass It On-Mentors Program.

As Americaís top proponent of the Second Amendment, Ted has served on the Board of Directors of the NRA since 1995.

Ted Nugent continues to fight for personal freedoms on the lecture circuit. He is an award-winning writer for more than forty publications, and author of the New York Times bestseller God, Guns, and Rock Ďní Roll, as well as Kill It and Grill It, BloodTrails II, and now, Ted, White, and Blue: The Nugent Manifesto.
In 2008, he celebrated the most successful tour of his 50-year career with Operation Rolling Thunder, setting attendance records in America and Europe and performing his 6,000th concert.
Ted Nugentís unbridled musical fury throttles on.

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