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Acoustic Sounds Vol 8.1 Catalog
Acoustic Sounds
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So another holiday season is upon us, and as usual, we’ve got no shortage of great stuff for whoever’s on your list, or for - let’s face it - yourself. You’ve been good, haven’t you?
Just our in-house productions alone are enough to complete most wish lists. Never since we began reissuing music under our Analogue Productions label name have we had so many titles coming so regularly. We’ve completed the first 25 LPs in our Top 50 Blue Note Reissue Series (also available on SACD). If you’d like to sign up for a series subscription for the second set of 25 Blue Note LPs, please do so now by calling us at 800-716-3553 (see page 52). We’ve also begun our series of 25 cherry-picked Impulse records, also on 45 and SACD. The first five LP titles are in stock now, and there’s still time to sign up for your series subscription to that set (see page 59). We’ve also been cranking out incredible sounding versions of titles like The Power Of The Orchestra, Humble Pie/Smokin’, Sam Cooke/Night Beat, Junior Wells/ Hoodoo Man Blues, Rachmaninoff/Symphonic Dances and The Hot Spot soundtrack (see them all on page 49). But maybe most exciting is what’s left to come. Hopefully beginning by the end of 2009, we’ll have six Nat King Cole individual titles and one boxed set on 45-RPM LP and three-channel SACD. These are cut from the original three-track masters by Kevin Gray and Steve Hoffman with the SACDs authored by Gus Skinas. Here’s my prediction: These Nat King Cole titles are going to be the biggest, most talked-about, best-sounding, best-selling titles we’ve ever reissued. They are that unbelievably awesome! Check ‘em out on page 25. Oh, and then there’s Elvis. Yeah, him. We’re reissuing Elvis Is Back and 24 Karat Hits on 45 RPM (see page 23).
On our original release side of things, through our APO Records label and Blue Heaven Studios recording studio, we’ve also been busy. We’ve just released new CDs by blues phenom Marquise Knox and zydeco veteran Major Handy. And very soon we’ll have each available on 33 1/3 LP (see page 49). And during our recent 12th annual Blues Masters at the Crossroads (if you missed it, you shouldn’t have), we cut six new direct to discs. We’ve combined those with a D2D session we had left over from 2005 to bring you these seven new titles – unquestionably among the best-sounding LPs we’ve ever released. Check ‘em out on page 24.

Chad Kassem
Acoustic Sounds, Inc. CEO